Maximize Your Managers…Survival Skills

Making the Most of Your Managers…Survival Skills

Are you giving your managers everything they need to be successful? Do they know all they should to keep themselves and your organization out of trouble?  Most of them are proven achievers in their technical areas of expertise, they’ve risen through the ranks, and now they’re in charge of your most expensive assets…your employees.  But often, they’ve had little or no training in the people aspects of their work.

Join Janett Edrington of Common Sense Workplace as she outlines what every manager needs:

 Responsibility and Resources

  • Power and Authority
  • Truth and Consequences
  • Training, training and more training…Survival Skills

 When you give managers what they need, you’ll increase their confidence, reduce legal risks, retain key employees at every level and rev up the success of your entire team!

 With more than 25 years experience in Human Resources management, training and consulting, Janett always brings humor and a positive approach to making the most of the people in your organization — including you!

Our guest speaker for this seminar is Janet Edrington, founder of Common Sense Workplace, specializes in HR Consulting and Training.  She has over 25 years HR experience as a manager, trainer and consultant.  She is a popular speaker before employer groups and HR professionals, on technical as well as motivational topics.  A diverse client base consists of large and small employers, including many start-ups, from hi-tech, biotech, financial and professional services, health care, manufacturing, and non-profit organizations.   Whether working with clients to solve or prevent problems or building programs to increase productivity, Janett brings practical solutions and an upbeat attitude.

Ms. Edrington holds a BS in Human Resources Management from Golden Gate University and certification in Training and Human Resources Development from University of California, Berkeley; she is designated by the Society of Human Resources Management as a Senior Professional of Human Resources.