7 Steps to Profitability Seminar

In today’s business, success is rarely a question of working harder; more often success comes from creating business management systems that will help you manage your staff, your clients and your process. You need a roadmap to help you evaluate, implement, and utilize key management systems to improve profitability. Join us on Tuesday, April 16th at 730am, to register, simply click on the icon below:



 leslie-shiner Leslie Shiner—author, speaker, and trainer—has more than twenty years’ experience as a financial and management consultant. She is the owner and principal of The ShinerGroup, a consulting firm helping small businesses gain financial control.  As a business coach, she has worked with both small and large businesses to help them better understand their business practices and maximize their profits. She is the author of “A Simple Guide to Turning a Profit as a Contractor.”   Ms Shiner is an engaging speaker with a long history of rave reviews. She continues to receive high praise for her ability to make financial management interesting, understandable, and even entertaining.

Managing Unemployment Insurance Costs

Managing Unemployment Insurance Costs

 The world of unemployment tax can be overwhelming and bewildering. It doesn’t have to be.  Join us and our guest speaker, Cynthia Anderson, Taxpayer Educator with the EDD for breakfast on Tuesday, March 19, 2013  and learn:


  • How the unemployment insurance rate is established.
  • What is an unemployment insurance reserve account.
  • Important notices and statements.
  • How to minimize unemployment insurance costs.

SF - Cynthia Anderson

Cynthia Anderson has been with the California Employment Development Department’s Tax Branch for 32 years.  She began her state service as a Tax Auditor in the Santa Clara County. Since 2002 she has been the Employment Tax Consultant for the Taxpayer Education and Assistance Program in Northern California.  She assists taxpayers in resolving issues and conducts employment tax seminars.  These seminars educate taxpayers with regard to State payroll tax requirements and employment status in Northern California.  Cynthia received her BS Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from California State University, Hayward.