Hiring on Target: Recruiting and Hiring Strategies for Success

We typically hire or promote people that we like or that are technically good at their work. The problem is that interviewees learn to be likable. They are chameleons. And you can invest time, effort and money in someone that either really isn’t a fit and may need to be let go – or worse  – they stick around and you resolve to have people that do a mediocre job.

We have two speakers this month to give you some fresh perspective and solutions on this – Terri Carter of Barrett Business Services and Bart Gragg of Blue Collar University.

Bart Gragg’s interactive portion is called “Let The Job Talk!” It’s a way of thinking about the job beyond just the hard technical skills people need and even beyond their people skills.

Terri Carter will help you “Hire On Target” – Learn about best practices in recruiting and hiring the best talent for your company. This includes not only what to look for in resumes but what’s missing can tell you a lot as well.

Content is best suited for those who are involved in the selection process and those who make final hiring decisions.



Terri Carter, HR Consultant, Barrett Business Services Inc.    

Bart Gragg, President, Blue Collar University.