Social Media In the Workplace – What Employers Need to Know

Hashtags, Tweets, and Snapchat, oh my.

May 23, 2019 Thursday
8:00 am Breakfast Registration | 8:30-10:30 am Seminar Program
Concord Clarion Hotel – 1050 Burnett Avenue, Concord, CA

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What started out as simple email has bloomed into texts, photo sharing, videos, and ubiquitous “like” and “share” buttons. Employers face many pitfalls and challenges when dealing with Social Media in the Workplace.

In this interactive presentation, we will discuss topics including the following:

  • Using Social Media in the Hiring Process ‐ Background Checks
  • Social Media Use by Employees ‐ On and Off the Clock
  • Keeping Information Confidential
  • Firing Employees Due To Social Media Activities
  • Sample Good and Bad Policies
  • Pitfalls for Harnessing Employees to Promote the

Meet the Speaker

James Y. Wu
California Labor & Employment Chair
Quarles & Brady LLP

James Wu has over 22 years of experience providing day-to-day advice and counsel to businesses of all sizes regarding employment law compliance and HR issues, including Employee Handbooks, policies, hiring, leaves of absence, discrimination, harassment, and employee termination. He helps employers comply with the complex maze of federal, state and local employment laws.

James also defends companies when they face claims from current or former employees, contractors, and government agencies.

James is serving his second consecutive term as President of the Board of Directors of the Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA). He is also a past President of the CCCBA’s Employment Law Section. James also served as the President of the Northern California Employment Roundtable (sponsored by the CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing) for two years.

James earned his BA and MA from Stanford University and his JD from Boston College Law School.
To learn more about James, please visit his LinkedIn profile at


8:00   Registration – Hot Breakfast
8:30   Welcome Introductions, EDD/WDB Minute
8:40   Speaker
10:30 Adjourn

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90-Seconds to Get Stuff Done

April 25, 2019 Thursday
8:00 am Breakfast Registration | 8:30-10:30 am Seminar Program
Concord Clarion Hotel – 1050 Burnett Avenue, Concord, CA

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Studies show that interruptions cost managers between 16-23 minutes each time to regain focus and momentum. If your busy days feel like they leak precious time, this may be why.There is a simple solution. Most leaders are busy and start each day running, yet, 90-Seconds of thoughtful planning can be a game-changer when it comes to launching your day, your meetings and your most important conversations. If you are one of these leaders,bring your managers and join us for our April meeting. Learn super simple ways to multiply
your time, transform your inefficient systems and eliminate the drama and distractions that sabotage your profits and productivity.

Meet the Speaker

Jody Bagno-Dill

Co-Founder, Corporate Consultant, Author, Speaker
JAZZ Business Consulting
925-222-JAZZ (5299)

Jody Bagno-Dill is the author of the 90-Second System, a management planner for people who want to Get Stuff Done. She is the co-founder of Jazz Business Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping leaders transform their organizations into high-performing, and award-winning places to work. Jody leverages her degrees in Business and Psychology and certifications in Executive Coaching, Guerrilla Marketing Coaching® and Personalities®Training, as well as her humorous, yet straight-forward approach to helping managers become revered leaders.

As an experienced Executive Coach, many of her clients have gone on to win prestigious awards, including Best Places To Work (SF Bay Area), Woman of the Year, Top Places to Work (SF East Bay), and Business of the Year, as well as being featured on TV shows and front covers of industry publications.


8:00 am  Breakfast Registration
8:30       EAC Welcome – EDD Minute and Guest Speaker
10:30     Adjourn

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The Gig Economy Workforce – Independent Contractors and W2’s – The impact to you in the aftermath of Dynamex?

March 28, 2019
8:00 am Breakfast Registration | 8:30-10:30 am Seminar Program
Concord Clarion Hotel – 1050 Burnett Avenue, Concord, CA

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What’s the impact to you and your workplace?

Last year the California Supreme Court changed the landscape of California’s on-demand, gig economy when it issued its ABC Test in the landmark decision of Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles.

Learn about:

  • The risks presented for your business on the misclassification of independent contractors if you or your vendor partnerships use a just-in-time or on-demand workforce.
  • The Dynamex decision – co-employment, subcontractor relationships, as well as other courts’ application of the ABC Test on independent contractor relationships.
  • The ruling has had big effects on the gig economy
  • The impact to industries in the cross-hairs of plaintiffs’ attorneys.
  • How the ABC Test is being used aggressively and expanded by agencies and plaintiffs and what businesses can do to protect themselves.   

Meet the Speakers

Audrey Gee
Founding Partner

Brown Gee & Wenger, LLP

Audrey advises companies in their employment and HR issues as well as in their business operations. Audrey’s clients span a broad range of industries including food and beverage, manufacturing, medical and health care services, construction, professional services, technology and real estate.  Audrey has represented pre-revenue start ups, family owned businesses, privately held global businesses and multi-billion publicly traded companies. 

Audrey has over 20 years of experience of being a trusted legal advisor and confidant. Audrey litigates cases in State and Federal Courts, before government agencies such as the California Labor Commissioner and the Federal Department of Labor, and in mediation and private arbitrations. Audrey often acts as her client’s outside General Counsel, parlaying her litigation experience to her client’s advantage when they are negotiating contracts or architecting a complicated business transaction.

Audrey works with companies to sort through their HR, personnel and employment matters, both from a risk management perspective, as well as litigation. Audrey has represented companies in matters involving individual and class actions, wage and hour issues, employee misclassifications and independent contractor status, compensation and commission, compliance with disability and medical leave laws, issues surrounding reasonable accommodations, discrimination and harassment claims, wrongful termination, employee discipline, privacy, founder disputes, theft of trade secrets, as well as contract and employment related torts including defamation, negligence, fraud and misrepresentation. Audrey also assists companies with their onboarding and implementation of company wide new hire policies and procedures, as well as layoffs, exit packages, reduction in forces and severance and separation agreements. 

Audrey’s corporate litigation work has included representation of multi-billion dollar companies in contract disputes, defending builders in complex multi-plaintiff construction claims; assisting in $100 million dollar contract and fraud banking claims, founder disputes, alter ego claims, insurance coverage, and handling disputes arising out of the sale or dissolution of businesses and partnerships.

Christie Turner | Director of Operations  |      

925-265-8716 direct | 800-777-8944 main | HR Options |

Christie is Director of Operations at HR Options, a Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting firm.  Christie oversees staffing, compliance, policy development, employee relations, performance management, HRIS, Payroll, wage & hour and compensation & benefits.  Christie has supported clients with HR strategy and planning, employee relations, policy development, training, organizational development, benefits administration, HRIS, HR compliance, recruiting & staffing, performance and project management. She has worked with companies of all sizes and in a vast array of industries including accounting, finance, advertising, marketing, media, bio-tech, hi-tech, engineering, construction, education, retail, manufacturing, mortgage, property management, and healthcare.  Christie has served three terms on the Personnel Board for the City of Concord, holds a Masters in Organizational Management and is a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).  She is a frequent seminar and webinar speaker and has served as a trainer and facilitator for the Next Concept Human Resource Association (NCHRA).

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